Our Volunteers

We couldn’t do it without them…those folks who come forward and offer their precious time to help to the League.  They’re sometimes big sisters and sometimes they’re just people wanting to extend a kind gesture. The one thing they all have in common - - hearts so generous that it moves them to go above and beyond what the average person might do.

Words cannot express how much they have helped (and continue to help) the League.  We simply couldn’t get it done without them.  A million thanks to:

Amanda Barrack
Amanda Barrack

Amanda Barrack – Helped create our new flyer and Web site copy.

Beau Brandon (One Up Technology) – Services the Leagues computers.

Maratha Chapel (Asian Ladies) – Gave free haircuts to our ladies.

Federally Employed Women San Diego Chapter:  a.k.a. Crafty Ladies - Debbie, Kathy, Jan, Terry, Cathy, Carol Ann, Linda V, Linda F – These wonderful ladies do crafts, food, gifts and hold bingo for our homes throughout the year.  

Georgiannna Galas - Hand crocheted blankets and throws for the ladies in our homes.

Alyssa Goldberg

Alyssa Goldberg – Helped with Marien’s going away party and our 2005 picnic.  Alyssa continues to look for ways to help the League.

Betty Jane Johnson – Quilter / creates celebrity signature square pillows for the League.

Thanh Nguyen – Gave our Web site a much-needed facelift and makeover.

Nancy Mitchelmore


Taryn Ranoa

Nancy Mitchelmore – Helps with our Web site.


Taryn Ranoa – A big sister, Taryn also manages & sells items on ebay for the League.


Susan Richardson - Teaches reading and creative writing at our homes.

Rebecca Robinson – Facilitated getting San Diego Padre tickets for the Big and Little Sisters

Jessica Schwartz Liz Schwartz
Jessica Schwartz Liz Schwartz

Liz Schwartz volunteered on our recent trip to Oceanside for the Teen Violence Prevention Workshop. Liz also donated some office supplies when her business closed. Liz and Jessica wrapped all of the presents recently donated from Vons for little girls and boys. Currently, Liz and Jessica are writing letters to businesses to get tickets to events for us. We value your continued support and help Liz and Jessica!


Kimberly Skinner – Helped create our wonderful Halloween party

Whitney Smith
Whitney Smith


Whitney Smith - Whitney is a USC senior and interns for our mentoring program. She’s facilitated all aspects of running the office as well as planned and executed several events for the League.  Whitney has now moved home and is pursuing her Masters degree.  We’ll truly miss her “gynormous” kindness and help!

Gaye Weinman – Our very first big sister!  Gaye generously donated facials and haircuts from her salon to our staff and residents over the holidays.

Have you helped the League and we’ve overlooked you?  Our apologies! If so, please contact us.  (Please also see our Sponsors / Contributors page – you might be listed there!)

Would you like to volunteer to help the League?  If so, please email us and tells us of your interest.  Please include any special interests / skills you’d like to share with the League.