Becoming A Little Sister

The Application Process

We get calls, referrals and requests for girls to become Little Sisters from a variety of sources: single parents, guardians, school teachers, counselors, therapists, psychiatrists and girls themselves (ages 6 through 17). 

We focus on matching girls who may be from a financially disadvantaged home, that are living in a single parent home, guardianship situation or foster family and/or may have been physically, sexually or mentally abused. 

If you are a girl, wanting a Big Sister:


    checkbox Discuss the possibility with your guardian or parent first. Encourage your parent or guardian to visit our web site, call or write to us for more details about our program.  (They will need to sign the last page of the application indicating their approval.)  

    checkbox Decide if you have 3 to 4 hours a week on a regular basis to spend with a caring mentor.

    checkbox Decide if you can commit to at least one year. (Some of our mentor partnerships have lasted literally a lifetime.)

    checkbox Read what a big sister is and what a big sister is not. (click here)

    checkbox Fill out the application (click here for application) to the best of your ability AND INCLUDE A CURRENT PICTURE. We match Big and Little Sisters first by geographic areas of San Diego County and then by interests. Details like what you do in your free time to what your favorite school subjects are can make a match much stronger and more likely to last.

    checkbox Mail your completed application (with your picture) to: Big Sister League of San Diego, Inc., ATTN: Mentor Program, 115 Redwood Street, San Diego, CA 92103

    checkbox A representative from Big Sister League will visit with your parent/guardian before the match is made to introduce information about the potential Big Sister with your family. The League representative will have your guardian or parent sign emergency medical information, other releases and get contact and medical allergy or other pertinent information about you.

After you and your big sister develop a relationship you’ll both have responses and feelings about one another. Sometimes you might even feel anger, disappointment, or frustration because of certain needs or expectations. Big and Little Sisters are encouraged to share those feelings and work through them together.

The League helps with matches by offering events throughout the year that are fun, educational and give both Big and Little Sisters the chance to have fun and share their experiences. Some photos of the various events are included in this web site (click here to see our events)

Thanks for caring.