More Photos from the BBH Event 1/22/08

Big sis Charity Lazzari and little sis Daushane.
Board President Donna Moore, Guests Susan Palmer, Diana Newport (back row), Ann Netherton
Big sis Charlene with her little sis Alexis.
Resident and Boardmember Michele in video
House residents Cheryl and Alison.
Resident Anne in video.
Big sis Debra Kerrigan with little sis’ Arazane and Diamond.
Guest Don Cowan, Boardmember Nicole Vuckovich
Little sisters Samantha H., Arazane M. and Diamond N.
Guest Derek Myron, Boardmember Cynthia Tanner, Guest Drasi Carr.
Big sis Jessica Scott with little sis Monique.
Resident Ava in video
Residents Laurie and Julie.
Bookkeeper Rozelle Washburn, former resident Alexis
Exec Director Lydia Lewis with resident May.
Former resident Sharon
Lydia Lewis with husband Reggie.
Advisory Boardmember "Skipper" Ragsdale
Residents, big and little sisters and the Humanics team from USD get the party rolling.
Some of the sixty-five guests

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